A Sundered World: The Golden Spiral

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I wanted to see if I could write an adventure with a heavy snail theme so this happened.

To get a better idea what’s in store, you can read play reports and see some other bits over here.

By default the adventure takes place in A Sundered World, but it’s stupid-easy to port to another, less gonzo setting (and there’s advice in the back on how to do that).

Other cool things besides the adventure:

  • A bunch of new dungeon gear, including slime cannons and rocket packs. Some dungeon gear is featured in A Sundered World, but I wanted this adventure to be usable even if you don’t own the campaign setting (but you totally should).
  • A couple new magic items.
  • A new magical language for wizards, plus a compendium class that allows non-wizards to learn it (so, again, even if you don’t use ASW or the ASW wizard you can still use it).
  • Advice on making a cleric or paladin that serves a snail god.
  • Rules for companion NPCs, in case you want something more complex than a hireling, but not as complex as a full-fledged PC.
  • A letter-sized PDF that features the dungeon map and overview of each room, so you don’t have to flip back and forth.

There’s also a B&W version of both PDFs, so if you prefer B&W or want to print it out at home and save ink there ya go.


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