The Auramancer

You, Auramancer, you have the power of the human heart. The ebb and flow of thoughts and feelings, those are your true calling. To help the sick recover both physically and mentally, or perhaps to manipulate those around you to feel how you will them to, that is your vow.

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The Jinbutsu

The Jinbutsu is a class focused on using his art as a form of magic. With it, they can animate drawings, sculpt creatures that come to life, and even use music to charm or harm does around them.

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Drought in Sulindal

The dams have been closed, no rain, and madness and corruption is spreading. Investigate the danger and save the region from succumbing to chaos and corruption!

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The Mage

Create searing balls of fire, mend wounds with magic, summon otherworldly creatures and even speak with the dead if you so choose!

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Dungeon World

Browse through our catalog of over 15 Dungeon World products containing supplements and playbooks such as The Hunter, The Scarecrow, The Oracle, and more!

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Fantasy Maps

Feeling adventurous but lack a map?

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Check out or marketplace for print on demand products based on our artwork.

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