December 14, 2016

A Brief History of Dwarfare’s Art

We have been in business for little over a year now and although our history is brief the artwork we have used has changed a few times in the last year. In the beginning Dwarfare Games started as a two man team; I designed the playbooks and layout for the PDFs and Noemi Pacheco  made the artwork ( you can still find some of it here). Due to unfortunate events she no longer works with us which forced me to also take the mantle of the artist. Drawing  was never my forte and due to a shaky pulse, I cant draw two straight lines even if my life depended on it! Regardless I decided to give it a try and the results weren’t… that bad. Covers such as the one I made for the Hunter fill me with pride, but still, the approach I took on drawing made me feel it was lacking something: cleanliness.

Before I swayed Noemi into working with me my original idea was to use vectors to illustrate the covers, vectors solved the problem of my jittery hands but I couldn’t find a satisfying way to do the artwork (I am looking at you Strongholds). I eventually decided to grab my old tablet and start drawing with irregular results. In the past few days I’ve been thinking of my artwork and my original idea of using vectors and decided to research different art styles to draw inspiration from. On that search, I found the art of Alexandra Douglas (if you haven’t seen her work yet you definitely should!) and immediately fell in love with her minimalist approach to the artwork she did for Gigantic. I had seen that style before but the color palette she chose was what really convinced me to give it a try, the results can be seen below: