January 9, 2017

Updating Drought in Sulindal

Drought in Sulindal was my first attempt at writing an adventure, ever! Back when I used to DM  Dungeons and Dragons campaigns I rarely wrote down anything since I had all the info in my mind. Why bother? Every bit of detail was well preserved in my brain and on the of chance that I forgot something, I could just make it up on the spot. Storing information this way is a great memory exercise but it really hurts when it comes to expressing your ideas, written or otherwise. At first I thought that sitting down to write an adventure for public consumption would be nearly imposible for me but I started writing anyways and 5 months later, I had published my first adventure (not without its faults).

Among the many grammatical errors, there is one aspect of the adventure I felt it was lacking on; the art. While I did study graphic design, drawing was never my forte and without any skills on my plate in that area I did the best I could back then. Now, almost 5 months after publishing the adventure in August of 2016, I find myself revising the adventure I wrote. I plan to completely update the artwork of this adventure, fix any errors I find, and also improve other details of document such as bookmarks and index. I posted on G+ asking those who own a copy of the adventure to give any feedback as to what they would like to see updated/fixed. Christian Hundahl voiced his opinion which is the main reason I am writing down this article, he said:

(Summary of 3 bullet points at the end of comment)
I own the adventure but have yet to run it (my players keep puling the campaign in other directions – which is awesome, but hard to plan for!)
I think the locations, their moves, the fronts and dangers all work really well. It’s easy for me to see what suits where, what moves I can pull for what threats and so on. The main plot gives off a nice Dragon Age vibe I really like. I also like that the story is kept relatively short – makes it easier for me to edited and fit into my own setting.
One small layout thing I don’t like is that some headlines/titles are put at the bottom of the page. When reading the adventure (PDF) it’s hard to orientate myself to what subsection I’m at because I have to scroll down to see it. The ‘Calamity from the skies’ front is done like that, some of the locations are too. The DW main book had the same layout in some of it, didn’t work there either.
I like the dungeons very much. They are elaborate enough to be intriguing and simple enough that I can easily keep track of every room. That’s a balance published adventures often miss, where dungeons can be overdone to the point of being nearly impossible to navigate.
I think the adventure could do with a complete list of characters, with references to what locations and fronts are important to each (page number, a link in the PDF). The first mention of Quincy (p. 5) implies he is important, but gives no indication why. A collected list of characters would have saved me some confusion.
That got longer than I expected. In summary, the improvements I’d like to see:
1. Headlines moved to the top of the page
2. Subsections made clearer
3. List of NPCs

So what do you think of his suggestions? Do you agree? What would you like to see revised in this adventure? Feel free to write a comment below with your suggestions or by getting in contact with us via email or G+